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You have thinkers and you have doers.

The Belgian creative artist Frits Jeuris (1975) clearly belongs to both categories. It can by no means be said that there is no thinking in Jeuris' 'head'. On the contrary, he thinks while you talk to him.

He sees concepts flying by behind his eyes and with a few strokes on a blank sheet he draws simple sketches that immediately make clear what he has in mind.

At that moment, the conceptual thinker with a critical eye not only has an idea, but also immediately knows how it can possibly be realized. His knowledge of technology and materials is often based on his experience in making, or rather creating, incomprehensible philosophies made clear,  straight forward, without detours.

Frits Jeuris looks, analyses, thinks and then makes a statement with a surprisingly pure design.

Frits Jeuris tandem 1987
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