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0,75 m H x 0,60 m W x 0,85 m L

Stop worrying about sustainability and take a seat in this "Potato chair" .

The chair is first and foremost an indestructible product, but also the result of a collaboration between local industry, product development and the designer himself.

Built to last a lifetime

The story of this chair starts with a batch of discarded conveyor belts from a potato sorting machine that the designer bought from a farmer. The belts are made from spring steel and triple reinforced rubber. This is how the idea arose to make an elegant but hard-wearing chair in times of mass production and planned obsolescence.

There is no mounting material in the stackable chair, making the seat easily adjustable. Each frame has a numbered and signed label.

In the meantime, due to success and the exhaustion of the old belts, a new version has been developed in collaboration with Etre-Moderne and the original manufacturer of the conveyor belts.

First and foremost, the chair had to remain an indestructible product, but certainly also the result of a fair cooperation between local industry, product development and the designer.

Built to last forever

In addition to the standard version in bare steel with a wax layer, an outdoorl version is now also available in solid stainless steel that can stay outside all seasons.

There is no picture available yet of this new version (the chair is still in production), but will be shown for the first time at the Contemporary Design Market (28th and 29th September 2019 Tour&Taxis)

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